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Little Mac back in the ring

As the second Wii Punch-Out posting, it’s obvious I’m excited about its release next week.  I’m fully embracing my inner-nerd and am pumped about this Wii commercial following Little Mac and Doc Louis (played by a dude from the Wire!) training for the return to the ring.


Wii Punch-Out!!!

tiny My not-so-secret love is Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!,   played on the original Nintendo back in the ’80s with my brother. The love returned in university when one of my roommates brought his system and assortment of old games, including one Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! My friend/other roommate (there were seven of us…it was mildly ridiculous) would meet after class in the basement to play the game for hours. We claimed we were “training.” Mildly odd behaviour for two university ladies.

So when I bought the Wii system a few months ago (using a ton of Shopper’s Optimum Points – amazing), I mostly marveled at the fact that I thought I’d never own a game system. I didn’t even think of playing my old favourite on my new shiny Wii! And now … next month, a Wii-ized, updated, Punch-Out!! Dreams can come true, kids.