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This “trend” cannot happen

Lots of 80’s trends have returned lately – electric coloured makeup, jelly shoes, pegging your jeans, neon running shoes, jumpsuits – and generally these fashion & beauty statements have been cool with me because they are all updated versions of the 80’s trend.

However, I am absolutely drawing a line here. American Apparel, who previously received my ire as an enabler of leggings as pants, has put scrunchies in their stores. SCRUNCHIES. I’m sorry, but you can’t update a scrunchie.  Once a scrunchie, always a scrunchie.

The horror ... the horror!

The horror ... the horror!

New York Magazine’s fashion blog shares my disbelief in their post American Apparel Has Gone Too Far.

My favourite comment for that post is from GirlMonday, who says:

Another sign AA has gone too far: modeling scrunchies should not require the model to get a Brazilian wax first.