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Questlove on Parks & Recreation

If you’re not watching Parks & Recreation right now, you’re missing out. The second season has been leaps and bounds better than season one. Even Questlove is telling his friends on Twitter that its awesome.

The lovable Aziz Ansari says on his blog that Questlove’s is his favourite review ever.

“Parks and Recreation is the Wu Tang of comedy. an ensemble cast of which all the cast shines.” – Questlove

Thankfully, Questlove also breaks it down by character name/actor’s name = Wu Tang member:

Leslie/Poehler = The Rza
Tom/Aziz = ODB
Ann/Rashida = Method Man
Ron/Nick Offerman = Ghostface Killah
Andy/Chris = Raekwon
Mark Brendanawicz/Paul = Inspectah Deck
April/Aubrey = Gza
Jerry/Jim = Masta Killa
Donna/Retta = U-God
Dave/Louis CK = Redman

Unrelated, but still needs to be said, Community is also awesome.