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The Containeeeer Stoooooooore

Now I love Oprah like the next gal, but her yelling has taken on a life of its own. My favourite is when the long drawn out yell isn’t even a person’s name, but the name of a place or thing, like the title of this post.

It always makes me think of that skit from SNL back in the day that spoofed her Giveaway show (which, though I laugh, I would give my left arm and leg to be part of that audience and now that I think about it, that actually might be my ticket in) where the audience got so shrieky and excited that heads started to explode. I couldn’t find it on YouTube, but I’m sure you can picture it in your heads. Go ahead….almost……there you go. You’re welcome.


Jay Z and the Celestine Prophesy

I love O magazine’s section where various high profile people – athletes, writers, actors  – give a list of their favourite books. You can really tell a lot about people by what books they list.

So imagine my delight when in the upcoming issue of O Magazine nabs Jay Z’s bookshelf list. He names two books that have changed his life, as well as an epic Greek saga, Malcolm Gladwell’s latest and more.

Also, read a sneak peek of the Jay Z and Oprah interview, also set to come out in the October 2009 issue of O. Obviously it’s going to be a great one, considering it kicks off with this question lobbed by Oprah:

Oprah: So tell me how you got into the drug dealing.