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Natalie Portman … and k-os?

So hip-hop/rapper/ singer  k-os has released his fourth album, Yes! this week.  Although I thoroughly  enjoyed No Exit, Atlantis and Joyful Rebellion, I didn’t want to buy the newest album because I lost my love for the artist after enduring a few brief moments of this ridiculous spectacle in the Star.

I am weak, so I bought it … all 23 songs on the Special Edition version (seriously … who actually wants to listen to the remixed versions made by randoms?) but amongst the 23 songs is this enjoyable little nugget:

This song is bound to get attention, with Saukretes and Nelly Furtado featured on I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman. However, since there is no actual mention of the fantastic  Natalie Portman within the song, isn’t this just a huge ploy to get media attention? It absolutely gives a band/musician a ton of press they wouldn’t normally get based on talent alone. Case in point: the band Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head. Lucky lady, that Portman.

K-os gave The Metro his abstract reasons for the song title:

I think part of my soul wants to soar outside of Canada, and Natalie Portman and California represents going west. ‘Go west, young man.’ Or go south, in this case.

“When I see her work, she’s amazing. But the reference is more about wanting to step out of the bubble and get into new realities, which is what I’m about.

….nope…. I don’t know what that means either.