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He’s alive!

I know, I know, people are sick of hearing about Michael Jackson. But his death has brought about many questions, and the one that is slowly coming to mind is this: Where is Bubbles?

Call off the search – Michael Jackson’s old chimpanzee is alive and well at the old age of 26 and living at an animal sanctuary in Florida.

My friend Julie was wondering what Bubbles’ situation was – alive or dead? – and thankfully serious news organization CNN took up the task to find the beloved chimp.

FYI: He likes cucumbers for lunch.


MJ Tributes

Tributes to Michael Jackson are everywhere, from Madonna and Britney Spears to Rev. Al Sharpton and JC Chasez.

This perturbing photo shoot tribute from Fred Durst is just … no, no other way to say it … weird.


The first comment underneath his Twitter pic?
markrooney wrote:
2009-06-26 15:52
You look fucking retarded. Take that shit off.

Peeking inside Neverland

3313706058_782c625d82I know, this is not really “new” but I just stumbled upon this and I need to share.

Wonder what oddities you might find at a Michael Jackson auction (the best headline called it “The Greatest Auction That Never Was”) ? Numerous MJ as royalty paintings (naturally), run of the mill thrones, your standard bejewelled glove, a finger painted canvas by one Macauley Culkin, nightmare-inducing wax versions of the King of Pop, and the freakiest dolls you will ever see.  And a LOT of artwork of children … draw your own conclusions. See Paul Scheer’s (of Human Giant fame … I really have to check that out one of these days) flickr album of the exhibition that was supposed to precede the auction.

Also, I’m totally putting in my order to get me a “notable people in history with sunglasses plus E.T” painting. I think I’ll keep Michael though and kick out Mona Lisa. What has she ever done for humankind?

Now I have to listen to some Billie Jean or Smooth Criminal to take me back to the good Michael and erase some of those images from my brain.