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Leggings are not pants rant

enabler American Apparel

enabler American Apparel

Ladies, ladies, ladies…

Here is some serious real talk for you all: Leggings, prior to the common belief, are NOT pants.

It’s always bothered me by the amount of ladies,¬† big and small, who constantly confuse the stretchy thin fabric as pants. Yesterday morning on the subway, I had the last straw. A bigger gal was wearing grey leggings with a cropped jacket/shirt combo. Bigger gals¬†especially need to know that leggings-as-pants are doing you no favours. They don’t do anyone favours.

Clearly none of you take a spin in front of a full-length mirror. Obviously none of you have been shoved against your will into Stacy and Clinton’s 360 degree mirror. If you did, you would discover that yes, everyone can see every nook and cranny of your butt and your business. And its not pretty.¬† Nobody should see that. Keep that hidden. It’s not for the public.

I know it’s comfortable. Hey, I even own some. And although I don’t want to 100% endorse leggings, they do work under long tunics and dresses – because you know what? They’re essentially tights/nylons/hosiery. And you wouldn’t walk out the door with a short t-shirt and nylons and consider yourself dressed would you?

And if you don’t take my word for it, here’s a very informative Girl’s Guide to Wearing Leggings.