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Kid Cudi “Make Her Say”

So this isn’t the girl-friendliest song, as it uses Lady Gaga’s Poker Face to serve as a rap hook about blowjobs, but goddamn if it isn’t catchy. This is clearly Kanye West’s doing, that saucy minx. He produces the song and after directing Drake’s boob-extravaganza video, it’s clear the dude has sex on the brain.

“Make Her Say”  also has Common and Kanye doing guest raps.

Even though the song has R-rated content, the video isn’t T&A-filled and instead is a pretty video, kicking off with balloons and using a split screen to jazz up the visuals.

Stay classy, Kid Cudi.


Best headline ever

The Torontoist looked into the Kanye West-directed boob-extravaganza video for Drake’s new single, Best I Ever Had and called it:

Drake You Ho This Is All Your Fault

Amazing. I’m glad to see that memorable graffiti getting put to good use.


Zach Galifianakis on the web

So I’m late to the Zach Galifianakis party and not ashamed to admit it. But I saw The Hangover – love Ed Helms, loove Bradley Cooper – and I needed to know more.

Here’s the quick guide to Zach Galifianakis:

Vanity Fair – Random and funny interview where he is open to discuss everything but his beard and delivers this out of context answer:

There are 214 women and two guys. No owls.

Between Two Ferns – he interviews hunky celebrities
like Jon Hamm and Bradley Cooper and makes them very very uncomfortable

Can’t Tell Me Nothing video star – Kanye West’s alternate video approved by Mr. West.

Need to know more? Read this MTV article which goes into the madness behind Galifianakis lip-synching Kanye West.

Does the world really need Kanye-isms?

I love Kanye, but when I found out about his book Thank You and You’re Welcome – which he describes as “philosophies and anecdotes used in creating my path to success” – I had to pull an Amy & Seth and ask ‘Really?!?!’

Sample pages include mottos like “Be Leery of the Gift Bag” and “Get Use to Getting Used.”

Thanks Kanye, but I think I can get by without your infinite wisdom, like the one seen below. And also, I’ll always take a gift bag. ALWAYS. At least to see whether there’s anything good inside.