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Must see film: The Cove

It’s not often that I feel compelled to tell everyone and their mother to do something, but after watching The Cove last night, I gotta do it.

This movie is a documentary about dolphins, and the unfortunate practices that have evolved over the years. The TV show Flipper spawned a worldwide fascination with trained dolphins. I don’t know what family hasn’t been to a Marineland or a Seaworld, but the main thing I came out of the theatre thinking was that I could never go there again. My dream to go swimming with dolphins is out the window too.

What happens in The Cove is this: in Taiji, Japan, an industry has taken over the waters near a cove, where fisherman corral dolphins, trainers take their pick, and places like Seaworld pay thousands of dollars for the chosen mammal.¬† But what happens to the rest? That’s what the documentary sets out to catch on film, an incredibly difficult and dangerous feat. Ric O’Barry, who was once Flipper’s dolphin trainer, leads the mission, after having spent the last 35 years freeing dolphins as best he can.

The movie is styled like an Ocean’s Elevens thriller, with tons of horrifying facts about what is happening to dolphins today. Some of it is tough to watch, but its absolutely worth it in the end. Go see it!!


Arrested Development – the documentary?

What a fun sexy time for all of us!

Some Arrested Development superfans are making a documentary about the amazing and defunct TV show Рwhich should satisfy the herds of people waiting on solid news about that feature film. Their website, which  follows their progress is here.

They’ve got interviews with cast members Will Arnett, Portia De Rossi, Jason Bateman, Jeffrey Tambor and even have interviews with Mae Whitman (Her?) and Scott Baio (Bob Loblaw).

Here’s the final trailer: