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Anna Wintour meets David Letterman

I love Anna Wintour’s icy demeanour, the power she wields, and the firm hand she bestows onto the Vogue underlings. I also love hearing insider stories about that joint and from any other major fashion magazines, where cattiness and perfection in outward appearances are de rigueur.

Thus, I can’t wait for The September Issue,  and what a happy surprise to see Anna Wintour herself doing publicity for the documentary on Letterman last night.  I feel like these two jokers should take their show on the road after their interview last night. They’re like salt and pepper, peas and carrots, prim and jokey. I will also give it up to the lady for walking out with sunglasses on, and then immediately taking them off, to show it was a joke. What a zany lady.


So this is who watches Leno!

Check out NY Mag’s video on the David Letterman rally – “Fire David Letterman” is what they’re chanting –  held by crazies who are riled up by that whole Sarah Palin’s daughter kerfuffle.

The best thing one of them says is that David Letterman “rapes children with his mouth.”  Wha? Come again?