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Celine with a dash of Pepper

Yesterday was the big group debate about Celine Dion, set to the backdrop of Celine’s Las Vegas concert DVD. Except … we didn’t have the DVD and my lovely boyfriend took up the task of tracking it down.

Putting aside his manliness, he asked the good people at Blockbuster about its whereabouts.  Apparently there isn’t a demand for renting – or maybe its that people can’t bear to just borrow the DVD, people need to own that shit for life – so he was sent to any high quality music and DVD store to find it.

Undeterred, the good boyfriend trekked to Queen Street’s HMV where he wound up finding it. He took it to the counter before realizing it was the French-language version (mais oui!!). Then he found the English-language version. All of these Celine Dion DVD encounters took place under the watchful eye of actor Barry Pepper, who happened to need some in-depth HMV assistance.

No big deal Mr. Saving Private Ryan. Just getting my Celine Dion Las Vegas concert DVD.  Nothing to see here.

53Barry Pepper


Celine Dion is the shiznet

Oh! Hi there!

Oh! Hi there!

That’s right, you heard correctly. Celine Dion is amazing.

I’m in a debate/book club (we have a patent pending on the title of our club so I’ll keep that under wraps, but soon we’ll be bigger than Oprah. OPRAH, you hear me?!) and up next is the 33 1/3 book Celine Dion Let’s Talk About Love: A Journey to the End of Taste by Carl Wilson. It goes into what constitutes the idea of taste, good and bad, and I recommend it. It’s interesting, but you just have to get past the part where the author goes on about not liking things considered “mainstream” or “popular.” I am annoyed when people make a point of not giving popular music/books/tv/movies any merit just because everyone likes them. In short, he comes across as a douche at the beginning, but you just need to fight past that.

But back to the matter at hand. Celine Dion, she of goofiness, backwards white power suits and singer of cheese. I should say no more and let this Youtube clip say it for me.