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Asher Roth tries to make me like him

Asher Roth’s first single & video (does anyone watch music videos on TV these days?) for “I Love College” is something for the MTV crowd, a laidback pop-rap track all set to fight for the “song of the summer” title. One strike.

Comparisons¬† to Eminem are so obvious – white guy, nasally delivery – that Roth addressed them in his “As I Em” track. That’s two.

This Washington Post article about his record is not so flattering, but hilarious –¬† summing up Roth as “Eminem as a frat boy, instead of a psychopath” – but here’s the thing: I don’t want to like him but he seems to know where my defenses are weak.

I was made to listen to this … a song with Slick Rick?!!! Well played, Roth.