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Walmart wonders

Please stop acting like you don’t know how much junk you got in your trunk when you are picking out clothes. Because you know. (from the clever people at

I have known my fair share of Walmarts and when you go to, there’s sadly a sense of “Ah yes, that just makes sense.”

Check out this site for its submitted photos of all of the freaks, pantless and shirtless folks and a serious amount of five-sizes-too-small jeans wearers. I also swear I saw a Never Nude.


Arrested Development – the documentary?

What a fun sexy time for all of us!

Some Arrested Development superfans are making a documentary about the amazing and defunct TV show – which should satisfy the herds of people waiting on solid news about that feature film. Their website, which  follows their progress is here.

They’ve got interviews with cast members Will Arnett, Portia De Rossi, Jason Bateman, Jeffrey Tambor and even have interviews with Mae Whitman (Her?) and Scott Baio (Bob Loblaw).

Here’s the final trailer: