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The Ruins/American Dad crossover?

KellyAnne from MTV's The Ruins

Hayley from Fox's American Dad


The Julia Child of fast food

Fancy Fast Food is a blog where people send in recipes that rework your classic Big Mac Meal or White Castle meal. There are no additives beyond a garnish, so all the ingredients found inside that greasy paper bag are  used, from the sesame seeds picked off the bun to Coke syrup being drizzled on things.

It’s a creative endeavour, but don’t get me wrong, it’s gross.

Best flight safety video … ever

Those smart Kiwis.

They’ve come up with a flight safety video (called Bare Essentials of Safety video) that actually makes you want to watch the whole thing. Their clever technique? Body paint.

Admit it, you watched the whole thing too.

A trip to Tiffany’s (Julie’s rant)

My friend Julie just went to Tiffany & Co. with a co-worker to pick up a wedding gift and sent me this e-mail detailing their trip:

so, we went in and went upstairs and all the sales people were ignoring us and we were like “what the hell?” Then someone asked “are you on the list?” sweet christ. so, we got put on “the list” and we were eventually served. honestly.
there was also a 5 year old there with her dad. she was going to pick out some jewelry. what sort of ass backwards place is this world?
get a job kid.

the shoes on my feet….dad bought ’em
the clothes i’m wearing….dad bought ’em
my tiffany’s ring….dad bought it…
i depend on him.

Jimmy McNulty reads Jane Austen

UK actor Dominic West, who portrayed rough Baltimore cop Jimmy McNulty in The Wire, has now turned to his sensitive side with coffee ads airing in the UK.
Carte Noire has selected West, along with two other actors, to read romantic scene selections from 30 classic novels. As a further tie-in, Penguin Books, which the actors read from, are also in on the cross-promotion.
Books, Jimmy McNulty and coffee? It’s strange, but I think I could get used to this:

I couldn’t agree more

NY magazine wrote about how a Kate Gosselin tabloid cover beat out Chace Crawford People cover:

Editors at competing celebrity magazines questioned whether the 23-year-old television star was recognizable enough for People’s audience, or if they should have gone with a bigger name … Some looked to 34-year-old Bradley Cooper, star of the hit comedy “The Hangover,” as a better choice. “Here’s a guy who’s in the biggest comedy of the summer, he’s 34, single and is dating Jennifer Aniston,” said one celebrity weekly insider. “That’s someone you want to know more about.”

This, too, seems like a miscalculation. People don’t actually want to know about Bradley Cooper or his supposed schtupping of Jennifer Aniston, they just want pictures of Bradley Cooper. Pictures of him in that all-black ensemble he wore in The Hangover, or shirtless, or shirtless and covered in canola oil and canned sliced peaches, or shirtless and being spanked by Chace Crawford! YES. There you go, we just had an editorial meeting with ourselves in our head, and we think we’ve come up with a great concept for next week’s tabloid covers. It’s a guaranteed best-seller! Race to produce!


It’s my birthday!

And Meryl Streep’s too …

She was in Doubt with an actress by the name of Alice Drummond who was also in To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar with one Patrick Swayze.  Yes!

My gift to you:

But is it art?

Pharrell Williams has teamed up with contemporary artist Takashi Murakami on “The Simple Things.” The sculpture’s focal point is Pharrell’s “favourite things”: Pepsi, Johnson & Johnson baby lotion, Doritos, a condom, ketchup, a cupcake and a sneaker, made up of metal and jewels from Jacob the Jeweler himself.

It sold for $2 million dollars in the first twenty minutes.

This is all ridiculous, but even better is the video where Pharrell goes into the creativity behind the sculpture, where he says things like

“It’s a natural high to bite into a fresh cupcake”


“Well bling I do not wear”

– with a straight face to the interviewer who asked whether he wore diamonds or bling

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Photography love

I just went to the Art Walk in Leslieville where I saw lots of amazing local photography and artists’ work.

Here’s one I especially enjoyed, the photography of Tanja-Tiziana, which you can see on the website She’s also offering 50% off of her online photographs, and I love this one:, which according to the write-up underneath, is a fan favourite.

Virtual finger painting the New Yorker cover

Artist Jorge Colombo uses an iPhone application to create the New Yorker cover image. The video shows how it was made. Very cool.

Colombo’s website also provides more looks at his iPhone sketches.