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Hot mohawked Glee dude sings

I am just going to take a moment to sit in awe of perhaps my best subject line ever.

Aaand now I’m good. Mark Salling, the aforementioned dude from Glee makes this cute little video about loving his job. Its cheesy but catchy and goddammit I love Glee. I dislike this whole no new episodes until April business. Thank god Glee takes up a significant portion of my saved DVR.

I’d also ignore the random inside joke at the end with the creepy dude. It really takes away from it.


Questlove on Parks & Recreation

If you’re not watching Parks & Recreation right now, you’re missing out. The second season has been leaps and bounds better than season one. Even Questlove is telling his friends on Twitter that its awesome.

The lovable Aziz Ansari says on his blog that Questlove’s is his favourite review ever.

“Parks and Recreation is the Wu Tang of comedy. an ensemble cast of which all the cast shines.” – Questlove

Thankfully, Questlove also breaks it down by character name/actor’s name = Wu Tang member:

Leslie/Poehler = The Rza
Tom/Aziz = ODB
Ann/Rashida = Method Man
Ron/Nick Offerman = Ghostface Killah
Andy/Chris = Raekwon
Mark Brendanawicz/Paul = Inspectah Deck
April/Aubrey = Gza
Jerry/Jim = Masta Killa
Donna/Retta = U-God
Dave/Louis CK = Redman

Unrelated, but still needs to be said, Community is also awesome.

Sesame Street gets racy

There has got to be a joke here ….

(This article claims this picture isn’t what it seems.)

The Containeeeer Stoooooooore

Now I love Oprah like the next gal, but her yelling has taken on a life of its own. My favourite is when the long drawn out yell isn’t even a person’s name, but the name of a place or thing, like the title of this post.

It always makes me think of that skit from SNL back in the day that spoofed her Giveaway show (which, though I laugh, I would give my left arm and leg to be part of that audience and now that I think about it, that actually might be my ticket in) where the audience got so shrieky and excited that heads started to explode. I couldn’t find it on YouTube, but I’m sure you can picture it in your heads. Go ahead….almost……there you go. You’re welcome.

The Ruins/American Dad crossover?

KellyAnne from MTV's The Ruins

Hayley from Fox's American Dad

Anna Wintour meets David Letterman

I love Anna Wintour’s icy demeanour, the power she wields, and the firm hand she bestows onto the Vogue underlings. I also love hearing insider stories about that joint and from any other major fashion magazines, where cattiness and perfection in outward appearances are de rigueur.

Thus, I can’t wait for The September Issue,  and what a happy surprise to see Anna Wintour herself doing publicity for the documentary on Letterman last night.  I feel like these two jokers should take their show on the road after their interview last night. They’re like salt and pepper, peas and carrots, prim and jokey. I will also give it up to the lady for walking out with sunglasses on, and then immediately taking them off, to show it was a joke. What a zany lady.

A funny thing about Funny People

I do not know what Judd Apatow, Adam Sandler, Seth Rogan, et. al did to The New York Observer’s reviewer Rex Reed, but it must have been on par with stealing his secret baby name to use for their own offspring or some of the activities in the intro to the Method Man song, because he is PISSED.

Reading every hateful sentence of Reed’s Funny People “review” is amazingly almost as entertaining as watching the film itself.

He actually starts a paragraph with:

In every film, Mr. Sandler looks more retarded, but never mind.

No one escapes Reed’s wrath. The lovely Leslie Mann receives this summation:

a terrible actress who speaks through her sinus cavities and sounds like she has a speech impediment

And her and Apatow’s kids, who are always adorable and entertaining to watch, get called “obnoxious.” Hating on Iris and Maude? Too far, Reed. Too far.

Addicted to Intervention

Here’s the one thing that Fred Armisen has ever done that I’ve found funny. This is totally spot on. (Thanks Steve!)

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Sincerely, John Hughes

I loved Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when I was kid, and to this day think Ferris was the coolest high school kid ever. Two friends from work and myself even recently imagined having a Ferris Bueller kind of day where we would ditch work, and get into various hijinks around the city.  So  hearing that John Hughes died yesterday is pretty sad.

What will really bring a tear to the eye is this blog post of a woman who as a teenager became pen pals with the then-highly popular writer/director/producer  Hughes. It’s a great story of their friendship over the years. Read it and weep.


Must see film: The Cove

It’s not often that I feel compelled to tell everyone and their mother to do something, but after watching The Cove last night, I gotta do it.

This movie is a documentary about dolphins, and the unfortunate practices that have evolved over the years. The TV show Flipper spawned a worldwide fascination with trained dolphins. I don’t know what family hasn’t been to a Marineland or a Seaworld, but the main thing I came out of the theatre thinking was that I could never go there again. My dream to go swimming with dolphins is out the window too.

What happens in The Cove is this: in Taiji, Japan, an industry has taken over the waters near a cove, where fisherman corral dolphins, trainers take their pick, and places like Seaworld pay thousands of dollars for the chosen mammal.  But what happens to the rest? That’s what the documentary sets out to catch on film, an incredibly difficult and dangerous feat. Ric O’Barry, who was once Flipper’s dolphin trainer, leads the mission, after having spent the last 35 years freeing dolphins as best he can.

The movie is styled like an Ocean’s Elevens thriller, with tons of horrifying facts about what is happening to dolphins today. Some of it is tough to watch, but its absolutely worth it in the end. Go see it!!