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You have disgusted Jay Z

Me again.

I have made my triumphant return mostly because I came across this series of hideous faces made by Jay Z and it’s a must-share.

Apparently at the All-Star Weekend (I know…I’ve disappeared forever and I’m referencing a two-week old event … in my old age I move slower) event one of the mascots made an unfortunate choice to dance to Single Ladies in front of one Sean Carter. Which caused … this face (also mirrored by Diddy):

But wait, it gets better. The Village Voice compiled a fine selection of moments in time that have just not impressed Jay Z in the least, and at times have disgusted him.That’s where you’ll find the really good stuff.

Perhaps I’ll rethink throwing my diamonds in the sky if I ever am blessed with meeting him.


Walmart wonders

Please stop acting like you don’t know how much junk you got in your trunk when you are picking out clothes. Because you know. (from the clever people at

I have known my fair share of Walmarts and when you go to, there’s sadly a sense of “Ah yes, that just makes sense.”

Check out this site for its submitted photos of all of the freaks, pantless and shirtless folks and a serious amount of five-sizes-too-small jeans wearers. I also swear I saw a Never Nude.

Paula Deen + Ham + face

Doing volunteer work and having it on film seems like a good idea…

SYTYCD Twitter time

I love stumbling upon ridiculous things on Twitter.

Case in point:

Oh Blake, you tattooed, dancing sonofabitch. Turns out that 4,830 people want to see what this So You Think You Can Dance US/Canada dancer/choreographer/judge has to say, and what he has to say usually includes a whole of God-talk, surprisingly.

Besides shout outs to Janet Jackson (he turned down dancing on her tour because of SYTYCDC … really!?!), Paula Abdul and SYTYCD folk like Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Lacey Schwimmer, Blake also tweets night-time prayers  and blessings.

Sample religious tweet:

The Lord knows ur struggles! Confess to him and live guilt free. Best feeling in the world. He loves you more than u know!

He also tweets about a supposed music career that I don’t care to check out. Don’t worry, it’s not all God talk and business-speak. We also can check out gems like this:

Mr sun mr golden sun please shine down on meeeeeeeee

Here’s what inspired me

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I clearly haven’t posted in a long time, due to laziness, traveling and catching up on my DVR-viewing, but here’s what has oddly compelled me to post.

Thanks to PBS and Wired Science, I may not enjoy a delicious grocery store treat anymore.

Who should I see in McDonalds…

But So You Think You Can Dance choreographers Sho-Tyme (obviously the correct spelling) and Lil C getting some early morning McDonald’s at Queen and Spadina.

The SYTYCD geek that I am took a second to realize it was them, then proceeded to stare open-mouthed for the 5 minutes they were there. Lil C, perhaps struck with early morning fast-food creativity, threw out a couple of hip hop dance moves while listening to his fancy music player. I am a witness to genius.

I was in utter shock that nobody else in the entire McDonald’s recognized the two dudes – one in a “I am Hip Hop” sweatshirt – the whole time they were there. Don’t you people religiously record (to fast forward through Ol’ Plastic Face Miller’s parts) SYTYCDC?

So far, highlight of the day.  Screw you TIFF, I’ve got my own star sighting.

Random funny

It looks like there is good in the world of Twitter, besides the rare funny celebrity worth checking out (the Office’s Mindy Kaling, for one).

I wish more people captured the random funny of their kinfolk like Justin, a 28-year old preserver of amazing quotations, on the Twitter page, shitmydadsays.

BSC is back alright!

My coworker Lindsay kindly scouted out this website while I was on vacation and I spent a good chunk of time reading almost every entry, which I feel is necessary to give the author her due, since she scours through what seems like every book in the Babysitters Club series for excerpts.

What Claudia Wore is a glorious return of the ridiculous “artsy” outfits that Claudia Kishi (of the aforementioned BSC) would wear, which were described in glowing detail in every issue of the series.  I may, or may not have, read every Babysitters Club book in the series, including Super Specials, and checking out blogger Kim’s site made me realize how silly (read: awesome) Ann M. Martin and her ghostwriters were at the time, and how awful ’80s fashion really was.

A sample (the brackets are Kim’s):

“On that particular day, Claud was wearing a pink tank top over a white tank top and a pair of neon pink-and-black bicycle shorts. Also, she was wearing three pairs of flop socks [ you know what simile is rapidly approaching, don’t you], arranged so that her ankles looked like multicolored ice cream cones. Her sneakers were Day-Glo yellow. [cause why not?]

What’s horrifying is that I am 99.97% sure that I owned pink and black bicycle shorts. I am having mixed feelings that I probably got style ideas from these fashion hacks.

I also remembered that I copped the style of writing and would give an elaborate rundown of all of my fictional characters’ outfits. For shame.

Town hall signs

Who doesn’t love expressing ones strong opinions via a nice piece of bristol board and some markers (preferably the smelly ones … which in hindsight was a terrible idea to entice kids to sniff markers)?

The lovely folks at the Huffington Post have compiled a lovely photo page of the best signs at the American town halls of late.

(And a note … the vacation is over and I’m back!)

My new obsession

So I’m a bit of a geek and get obsessed with random games I find online. A few months ago I spent a lot of time obsessively playing Sharkrunners, because who doesn’t love a Shark Week-affiliated game?

My new one is Expedition, part of the History channel’s Expedition: Africa show. Really, its like Yahtzee, but so much more. You can callously send your porters to scare away hippos, knowing you’ll never see them again, hope you roll crates of food, carry a machete and a rifle. Who wouldn’t be into that?

To play, click here.