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Walmart wonders

Please stop acting like you don’t know how much junk you got in your trunk when you are picking out clothes. Because you know. (from the clever people at

I have known my fair share of Walmarts and when you go to, there’s sadly a sense of “Ah yes, that just makes sense.”

Check out this site for its submitted photos of all of the freaks, pantless and shirtless folks and a serious amount of five-sizes-too-small jeans wearers. I also swear I saw a Never Nude.


Paula Deen + Ham + face

Doing volunteer work and having it on film seems like a good idea…

SYTYCD Twitter time

I love stumbling upon ridiculous things on Twitter.

Case in point:

Oh Blake, you tattooed, dancing sonofabitch. Turns out that 4,830 people want to see what this So You Think You Can Dance US/Canada dancer/choreographer/judge has to say, and what he has to say usually includes a whole of God-talk, surprisingly.

Besides shout outs to Janet Jackson (he turned down dancing on her tour because of SYTYCDC … really!?!), Paula Abdul and SYTYCD folk like Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Lacey Schwimmer, Blake also tweets night-time prayers  and blessings.

Sample religious tweet:

The Lord knows ur struggles! Confess to him and live guilt free. Best feeling in the world. He loves you more than u know!

He also tweets about a supposed music career that I don’t care to check out. Don’t worry, it’s not all God talk and business-speak. We also can check out gems like this:

Mr sun mr golden sun please shine down on meeeeeeeee

Jason Segal invites you to call him

The scruffily appealing and quite musical Jason Segal went on stage at a Swell Season concert in L.A. and tickled the ivories with a special plea – call him to hook up if you’re disease-free.

Thank goodness someone had the right of mind to post it:

It’s too hard not to call 315-329-6673 and so when my co-worker pressured me to, I did. He gives an e-mail address and I left a stupid “hah” on voicemail before I could hang up in time. Idiot! Now I’ll never get to sleep with Jason Segal.

My friend called and he’s apparently updated the message to make the email address more clear. There are a lot of hoops to jump to get to Jason Segal.