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Blueprint 3

Jay Z’s Blueprint 3 came out last week and my music pusher (aka boyfriend) already bought it and we’ve had a few drives to listen to it.

Besides D.O.A and Run This Town, there are plenty more where that came from on Blueprint 3. Here are two of my favourites so far:



Who should I see in McDonalds…

But So You Think You Can Dance choreographers Sho-Tyme (obviously the correct spelling) and Lil C getting some early morning McDonald’s at Queen and Spadina.

The SYTYCD geek that I am took a second to realize it was them, then proceeded to stare open-mouthed for the 5 minutes they were there. Lil C, perhaps struck with early morning fast-food creativity, threw out a couple of hip hop dance moves while listening to his fancy music player. I am a witness to genius.

I was in utter shock that nobody else in the entire McDonald’s recognized the two dudes – one in a “I am Hip Hop” sweatshirt – the whole time they were there. Don’t you people religiously record (to fast forward through Ol’ Plastic Face Miller’s parts) SYTYCDC?

So far, highlight of the day.¬† Screw you TIFF, I’ve got my own star sighting.

Jay Z and the Celestine Prophesy

I love O magazine’s section where various high profile people – athletes, writers, actors¬† – give a list of their favourite books. You can really tell a lot about people by what books they list.

So imagine my delight when in the upcoming issue of O Magazine nabs Jay Z’s bookshelf list. He names two books that have changed his life, as well as an epic Greek saga, Malcolm Gladwell’s latest and more.

Also, read a sneak peek of the Jay Z and Oprah interview, also set to come out in the October 2009 issue of O. Obviously it’s going to be a great one, considering it kicks off with this question lobbed by Oprah:

Oprah: So tell me how you got into the drug dealing.