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Anna Wintour meets David Letterman

I love Anna Wintour’s icy demeanour, the power she wields, and the firm hand she bestows onto the Vogue underlings. I also love hearing insider stories about that joint and from any other major fashion magazines, where cattiness and perfection in outward appearances are de rigueur.

Thus, I can’t wait for The September Issue,  and what a happy surprise to see Anna Wintour herself doing publicity for the documentary on Letterman last night.  I feel like these two jokers should take their show on the road after their interview last night. They’re like salt and pepper, peas and carrots, prim and jokey. I will also give it up to the lady for walking out with sunglasses on, and then immediately taking them off, to show it was a joke. What a zany lady.



For the low low price of $11, this could be yours

For the low low price of $11, this could be yours

The AV Club’s The Hater puts a serious hate on for one very deserved company – American Apparel. The AV Club was riled by the recent addition of Bag-O-Scraps to the catalog of ridiculousness and expresses it in the poetically titled American Apparel Just Fucking With Us Now (and Forever).

Bag-O-Scraps sounds like an Onion creation, but no joke, it exists.  The assorted scraps of fabric are pushed as “one-of-a-kind”  and perfect for arts and crafts. Just right for your inner  9-year-old hipster.

Random funny

It looks like there is good in the world of Twitter, besides the rare funny celebrity worth checking out (the Office’s Mindy Kaling, for one).

I wish more people captured the random funny of their kinfolk like Justin, a 28-year old preserver of amazing quotations, on the Twitter page, shitmydadsays.

Outfitting an abode online

In this Globe and Mail article, Craigslist Chic, the writer has furnished and decorated her pad entirely from Etsy, Craigslist and eBay buys. The slide show takes you through the rooms and how much certain pieces cost.

Its a cool idea if you can dedicate a lot of internet searching time to it (and I have a lovely coat rack to show for my time), but this article is also awesome for the mention of Truc Nguyen, who worked at Glow when I interned there.

A funny thing about Funny People

I do not know what Judd Apatow, Adam Sandler, Seth Rogan, et. al did to The New York Observer’s reviewer Rex Reed, but it must have been on par with stealing his secret baby name to use for their own offspring or some of the activities in the intro to the Method Man song, because he is PISSED.

Reading every hateful sentence of Reed’s Funny People “review” is amazingly almost as entertaining as watching the film itself.

He actually starts a paragraph with:

In every film, Mr. Sandler looks more retarded, but never mind.

No one escapes Reed’s wrath. The lovely Leslie Mann receives this summation:

a terrible actress who speaks through her sinus cavities and sounds like she has a speech impediment

And her and Apatow’s kids, who are always adorable and entertaining to watch, get called “obnoxious.” Hating on Iris and Maude? Too far, Reed. Too far.

BSC is back alright!

My coworker Lindsay kindly scouted out this website while I was on vacation and I spent a good chunk of time reading almost every entry, which I feel is necessary to give the author her due, since she scours through what seems like every book in the Babysitters Club series for excerpts.

What Claudia Wore is a glorious return of the ridiculous “artsy” outfits that Claudia Kishi (of the aforementioned BSC) would wear, which were described in glowing detail in every issue of the series.  I may, or may not have, read every Babysitters Club book in the series, including Super Specials, and checking out blogger Kim’s site made me realize how silly (read: awesome) Ann M. Martin and her ghostwriters were at the time, and how awful ’80s fashion really was.

A sample (the brackets are Kim’s):

“On that particular day, Claud was wearing a pink tank top over a white tank top and a pair of neon pink-and-black bicycle shorts. Also, she was wearing three pairs of flop socks [ you know what simile is rapidly approaching, don’t you], arranged so that her ankles looked like multicolored ice cream cones. Her sneakers were Day-Glo yellow. [cause why not?]

What’s horrifying is that I am 99.97% sure that I owned pink and black bicycle shorts. I am having mixed feelings that I probably got style ideas from these fashion hacks.

I also remembered that I copped the style of writing and would give an elaborate rundown of all of my fictional characters’ outfits. For shame.

Town hall signs

Who doesn’t love expressing ones strong opinions via a nice piece of bristol board and some markers (preferably the smelly ones … which in hindsight was a terrible idea to entice kids to sniff markers)?

The lovely folks at the Huffington Post have compiled a lovely photo page of the best signs at the American town halls of late.

(And a note … the vacation is over and I’m back!)

Addicted to Intervention

Here’s the one thing that Fred Armisen has ever done that I’ve found funny. This is totally spot on. (Thanks Steve!)

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Sincerely, John Hughes

I loved Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when I was kid, and to this day think Ferris was the coolest high school kid ever. Two friends from work and myself even recently imagined having a Ferris Bueller kind of day where we would ditch work, and get into various hijinks around the city.  So  hearing that John Hughes died yesterday is pretty sad.

What will really bring a tear to the eye is this blog post of a woman who as a teenager became pen pals with the then-highly popular writer/director/producer  Hughes. It’s a great story of their friendship over the years. Read it and weep.


Must see film: The Cove

It’s not often that I feel compelled to tell everyone and their mother to do something, but after watching The Cove last night, I gotta do it.

This movie is a documentary about dolphins, and the unfortunate practices that have evolved over the years. The TV show Flipper spawned a worldwide fascination with trained dolphins. I don’t know what family hasn’t been to a Marineland or a Seaworld, but the main thing I came out of the theatre thinking was that I could never go there again. My dream to go swimming with dolphins is out the window too.

What happens in The Cove is this: in Taiji, Japan, an industry has taken over the waters near a cove, where fisherman corral dolphins, trainers take their pick, and places like Seaworld pay thousands of dollars for the chosen mammal.  But what happens to the rest? That’s what the documentary sets out to catch on film, an incredibly difficult and dangerous feat. Ric O’Barry, who was once Flipper’s dolphin trainer, leads the mission, after having spent the last 35 years freeing dolphins as best he can.

The movie is styled like an Ocean’s Elevens thriller, with tons of horrifying facts about what is happening to dolphins today. Some of it is tough to watch, but its absolutely worth it in the end. Go see it!!