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Everyone has a twin

There’s the widely-known theory that everybody has a twin … I haven’t met mine yet (and NO, Dora the Explorer is not my twin), but the Totally Looks Like website can be seen as a sort of database of lookalikes … humans and animals, animals and country shapes, robots and dustbins, they’re all there. Some of the resemblances are uncanny. Much like this one:

macaque totally looks like gary busey
see more Celeb Look-A-Likes


Blossom on What Not to Wear!

Aaah!! Cancel my Friday night plans (it sounds  ‘stop the presses!’ dramatic and much better than what I’ll actually be doing … recording it)!!!! This absolutely warrants a Joey Lawrence-esque “Woah!”

Mayim Bialik aka Blossom is set to face Stacy & Clinton and the 360 degree mirror on TLC’s season premiere of What Not to Wear. It’s about damn time this series started to get their hands on (former) celebrities. I’ve got a long list of people they should also go after … call me, TLC!

Here’s a preview of the summer season, and the episode of Mayim “TV royalty” Bialik. The ridiculous title comes from Clinton, not me.

Photoshopping mishaps

cliveowenA friend of mine (who works at a woman’s magazine … that may or may not have something to do with it) has an eye for poorly done Photoshopped magazine images .  The blog Photoshop Disasters is right up her alley.  From missing belly buttons and legs, floating hands on shoulders, to royally screwing up models’ and celebrities’ faces, this blog has it all, with witty commentary to boot.

Rappers can afford crazy bling no more

Could the days of tasteful jewelry be over?

Could the days of tasteful jewelry be over?

I feel sad for rappers that are being hit by the economy,  now downsizing their bling and even, gasp, asking for cubic zirconia.

It’s gotten so bad that the Wall Street Journal has written a lengthy article about it, featuring the likes of Jason Arasheben, the maker of Lil Jon’s five-pound plus, 3,756 round-cut white diamond Crunk Ain’t Dead necklace; Biz Markie and the co-founder of Cash Money Records. To quote WSJ:

Bling aficionados fret that the art of “ice” is being watered down.

Recession, you leave bling alone! Do you hear me? I need to have no-talent rappers wearing bigger jewelry than I will ever wear in my lifetime, otherwise this will be a crazy upside down world where gaudy is bad, ‘blinged-out’ isn’t an adjective and P-I-M-Ps have to sell their grillz. Oh wait … already exists … too bad.

Does the world really need Kanye-isms?

I love Kanye, but when I found out about his book Thank You and You’re Welcome – which he describes as “philosophies and anecdotes used in creating my path to success” – I had to pull an Amy & Seth and ask ‘Really?!?!’

Sample pages include mottos like “Be Leery of the Gift Bag” and “Get Use to Getting Used.”

Thanks Kanye, but I think I can get by without your infinite wisdom, like the one seen below. And also, I’ll always take a gift bag. ALWAYS. At least to see whether there’s anything good inside.


Cartoons and Autotune

Watch it:

This is from the comedy group Olde English Comedy. Their website has more videos.

Virtual finger painting the New Yorker cover

Artist Jorge Colombo uses an iPhone application to create the New Yorker cover image. The video shows how it was made. Very cool.

Colombo’s website also provides more looks at his iPhone sketches.

The #1 and #2 post

Mr.HankeyI’m back!

And upon my triumphant return, I scoured the newspapers and found a certain theme that I decided to run with.

From the Globe and Mail, this little ditty about a  “phantom pooper” making a point with poo at Merrill Lynch; from The Star, a tale of a Toronto community housing resident who dealt with a shitty situation (oh yes…I’m going there); and finally, my favourite, RunPee, a site that lets you know when is the best time to duck out of the movie theatre to relieve yourself of the bucket of Coke Zero you downed during the previews.  Check out the “What is” video that explains the wiki-based site. For the anti-spoilerites like myself, RunPee also scrambles the paragraph that details what you’ll be missing while in the loo so you have to click to unscramble, which helps avoid spoiling some of the movie moments if you wind up on a movie’s pee break page by mistake.

Is your dream house multicoloured & on stilts?

If so, you’re in luck. Check out this rental posting on Viewit.

I always love checking out this house whenever me and my homies are driving past on the east side (east siiiide? no? you’re right). It’s  an architects home … I just love that an architect built his house on stilts and covered it with primary coloured plywood.

If I lived there, I would pretend the bridge was a moat bridge. Or the rope bridge in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Or the train bridge on Stand by Me.

Life in that crazy home would be fun…

I will go see this movie

I don’t care what anyone says, I am going to watch Post Grad in the summer. IN THEATERS. Oh yes, I mean business.

It doesn’t look like it will be the greatest most innovative mind grapes blowing movie I’ve ever seen, BUT … the cast gets me.

First off, we’ve got Alexis Bledel carrying the film – Gilmore Girls is my not-so-secret infatuation. Her character graduates from college and moves back in with her parents, played by Michael Keaton and Jane Lynch (amazing in Role Models), and her grandmother is Carol Burnett. We’ve also got small parts from The Office’s Craig Robinson, chart-loving Demetri Martin and even Fred Armisen (my least liked SNL cast member).  She also seems to have two love interests, one, a dude from Friday Night Lights (never seen it) and the other, Rodrigo Santoro (you know, the hot guy who was Laura Linney’s unrequited love in Love Actually). Mmm …  Rodrigo Santoro …