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CNN analyzes Obama’s swagga

I’m not kidding.

They did, and CNN anchor Kyra Phillips is really excited to do it. She loves fist bumps, music from Shaft and dropping the ‘r’ at the end of swagger.


Leggings are not pants rant

enabler American Apparel

enabler American Apparel

Ladies, ladies, ladies…

Here is some serious real talk for you all: Leggings, prior to the common belief, are NOT pants.

It’s always bothered me by the amount of ladies,  big and small, who constantly confuse the stretchy thin fabric as pants. Yesterday morning on the subway, I had the last straw. A bigger gal was wearing grey leggings with a cropped jacket/shirt combo. Bigger gals especially need to know that leggings-as-pants are doing you no favours. They don’t do anyone favours.

Clearly none of you take a spin in front of a full-length mirror. Obviously none of you have been shoved against your will into Stacy and Clinton’s 360 degree mirror. If you did, you would discover that yes, everyone can see every nook and cranny of your butt and your business. And its not pretty.  Nobody should see that. Keep that hidden. It’s not for the public.

I know it’s comfortable. Hey, I even own some. And although I don’t want to 100% endorse leggings, they do work under long tunics and dresses – because you know what? They’re essentially tights/nylons/hosiery. And you wouldn’t walk out the door with a short t-shirt and nylons and consider yourself dressed would you?

And if you don’t take my word for it, here’s a very informative Girl’s Guide to Wearing Leggings.

Gawker calls bullshit on swine flu

Based on headlines from the late 1970s and the outcome of the last swine flu panic to hit North America, Gawker sees right through the current one.

In the meantime, the surgical mask industry hangs in the balance…

Asher Roth tries to make me like him

Asher Roth’s first single & video (does anyone watch music videos on TV these days?) for “I Love College” is something for the MTV crowd, a laidback pop-rap track all set to fight for the “song of the summer” title. One strike.

Comparisons  to Eminem are so obvious – white guy, nasally delivery – that Roth addressed them in his “As I Em” track. That’s two.

This Washington Post article about his record is not so flattering, but hilarious –  summing up Roth as “Eminem as a frat boy, instead of a psychopath” – but here’s the thing: I don’t want to like him but he seems to know where my defenses are weak.

I was made to listen to this … a song with Slick Rick?!!! Well played, Roth.

Malcolm Gladwell talks about spaghetti sauce

Everyone I know has read Outliers by now and dazzles others with the anecdotes that Gladwell peppers through the book (still on the New York Times best sellers list at the number 3 position, even though it came out in November 2008 – not too shabby). If you haven’t read it, please do.

Here’s a video where he does what he does well …. uses random examples to make a larger point.

Degrassi rapper hits NYC

New York Magazine adds to recent discussions of people saying that Aubrey “Drake” Graham – of Degrassi: The New Generation fame – is the “next best thing” in hip hop. Despite the fact that these people hyping Drake seem to know what they are talking about – I haven’t been convinced just yet.

I saw him open for Mos Def a year ago or so and it was not memorable.

And I – unlike everyone else in my age bracket – grew up not watching Degrassi and its incarnations so there’s no nostalgia for me on this front.

In the YouTube clip from the link, he also “freestyles” by reading off of his phone at Hot 97. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s not freestyling.

But getting attention in New York, good for you kid.

The Nard Dog’s solo honeymoons

angela_andy_portrait_splitAnd in preparation for tonight’s The Office, here is Andy Bernard taking us through the honeymoons he mentioned in a previous episode, on NBC’s companion website, Andy & Angela’s Official Wedding Site. Even though the wedding with Angela fell through, those non-refundable honeymoons aren’t going to enjoy themselves!

Tracy Jordan

102435__tracy_l1In preparation for tonight’s 30 Rock, here is a top shelf selection of Tracy Jordan quotes. You’re welcome.

Tracy: [on birthdays] I don’t need it. I buy myself all the presents I need. And because of my drinking, I’m often surprised.

Tracy: Stop eating people’s old French fries, pigeon! Have some self respect! Don’t you know you can fly?

Tracy Jordan: [Recording new promos for The Girlie Show] Hi, I’m Tracy Jordan, and I’m bringing the black back to NBC. And I’m proud as a peacork, baby.
Liz Lemon: That’s great Tracy but it’s peacock.
Tracy Jordan: What I say?
Liz Lemon: Peacork.
Tracy Jordan: Peacock. Think peaCOCK. Right, Jenna?
Stage Manager: In 3, 2…
Tracy Jordan: Hi, I’m Tracy Jordan, and I’m bringing the black back to NBC. And I’m proud as a peaCOCK, baby.
Liz Lemon: Okay. That time I think you may have hit it a little bit too hard. Also can you throw Jenna’s name in there for me?
Stage Manager: In 3, 2…
Tracy Jordan: Hi, I’m Tracy Jordan, and I’m bringing the black back to NBC. Right, Jenna Malvangany?
Liz Lemon: Maroney, rhymes with baloney.
Stage Manager: In 3, 2…
Tracy Jordan: Hi, I’m Tracy Jordan, and I’m bringing the black back to NBC. And I’m proud as a peacock. Right, my baloney?
Liz Lemon: Nope.
Stage Manager: In 3, 2…
Tracy Jordan: Hi, I’m Tracy Jordan. I’m black NBC. Very proud, like peacocks. Right, Janet?
[end of take]
Tracy Jordan: I think we got it! I think we got it!
Jack: Yep, I think we did.

Wii Punch-Out!!!

tiny My not-so-secret love is Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!,   played on the original Nintendo back in the ’80s with my brother. The love returned in university when one of my roommates brought his system and assortment of old games, including one Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! My friend/other roommate (there were seven of us…it was mildly ridiculous) would meet after class in the basement to play the game for hours. We claimed we were “training.” Mildly odd behaviour for two university ladies.

So when I bought the Wii system a few months ago (using a ton of Shopper’s Optimum Points – amazing), I mostly marveled at the fact that I thought I’d never own a game system. I didn’t even think of playing my old favourite on my new shiny Wii! And now … next month, a Wii-ized, updated, Punch-Out!! Dreams can come true, kids.

Obsessed – what are you doing in this, Idris Elba?

This movie continues to make no sense to me.

Idris Elba has gone from the amazing The Wire (I just started watching season one) and The Office and has wandered into what looks like a straight-to-DVD release.

Well, Beyonce starring makes a bit of sense – since the memory of her acting in Austin Powers in Goldmember and The Pink Panther is usually wiped out by Dreamgirls and Cadillac Records – and she also executive produces Obsessed with her father Matthew Knowles. The House of Dereon line also speaks to her questionable tastes.

But while the trailer still makes me ask why we’re updating Fatal Attraction, this promotion just makes me laugh.