You have disgusted Jay Z

Me again.

I have made my triumphant return mostly because I came across this series of hideous faces made by Jay Z and it’s a must-share.

Apparently at the All-Star Weekend (I know…I’ve disappeared forever and I’m referencing a two-week old event … in my old age I move slower) event one of the mascots made an unfortunate choice to dance to Single Ladies in front of one Sean Carter. Which caused … this face (also mirrored by Diddy):

But wait, it gets better. The Village Voice compiled a fine selection of moments in time that have just not impressed Jay Z in the least, and at times have disgusted him.That’s where you’ll find the really good stuff.

Perhaps I’ll rethink throwing my diamonds in the sky if I ever am blessed with meeting him.


Hot mohawked Glee dude sings

I am just going to take a moment to sit in awe of perhaps my best subject line ever.

Aaand now I’m good. Mark Salling, the aforementioned dude from Glee makes this cute little video about loving his job. Its cheesy but catchy and goddammit I love Glee. I dislike this whole no new episodes until April business. Thank god Glee takes up a significant portion of my saved DVR.

I’d also ignore the random inside joke at the end with the creepy dude. It really takes away from it.

The Roots – How I Got Over

Black Thought sings, adding him to the small list of men I love who sing and rap (Kid Cudi and Mos).

Questlove on Parks & Recreation

If you’re not watching Parks & Recreation right now, you’re missing out. The second season has been leaps and bounds better than season one. Even Questlove is telling his friends on Twitter that its awesome.

The lovable Aziz Ansari says on his blog that Questlove’s is his favourite review ever.

“Parks and Recreation is the Wu Tang of comedy. an ensemble cast of which all the cast shines.” – Questlove

Thankfully, Questlove also breaks it down by character name/actor’s name = Wu Tang member:

Leslie/Poehler = The Rza
Tom/Aziz = ODB
Ann/Rashida = Method Man
Ron/Nick Offerman = Ghostface Killah
Andy/Chris = Raekwon
Mark Brendanawicz/Paul = Inspectah Deck
April/Aubrey = Gza
Jerry/Jim = Masta Killa
Donna/Retta = U-God
Dave/Louis CK = Redman

Unrelated, but still needs to be said, Community is also awesome.

Sesame Street gets racy

There has got to be a joke here ….

(This article claims this picture isn’t what it seems.)

The Containeeeer Stoooooooore

Now I love Oprah like the next gal, but her yelling has taken on a life of its own. My favourite is when the long drawn out yell isn’t even a person’s name, but the name of a place or thing, like the title of this post.

It always makes me think of that skit from SNL back in the day that spoofed her Giveaway show (which, though I laugh, I would give my left arm and leg to be part of that audience and now that I think about it, that actually might be my ticket in) where the audience got so shrieky and excited that heads started to explode. I couldn’t find it on YouTube, but I’m sure you can picture it in your heads. Go ahead….almost……there you go. You’re welcome.

The Ruins/American Dad crossover?

KellyAnne from MTV's The Ruins

Hayley from Fox's American Dad

Walmart wonders

Please stop acting like you don’t know how much junk you got in your trunk when you are picking out clothes. Because you know. (from the clever people at

I have known my fair share of Walmarts and when you go to, there’s sadly a sense of “Ah yes, that just makes sense.”

Check out this site for its submitted photos of all of the freaks, pantless and shirtless folks and a serious amount of five-sizes-too-small jeans wearers. I also swear I saw a Never Nude.

Paula Deen + Ham + face

Doing volunteer work and having it on film seems like a good idea…

SYTYCD Twitter time

I love stumbling upon ridiculous things on Twitter.

Case in point:

Oh Blake, you tattooed, dancing sonofabitch. Turns out that 4,830 people want to see what this So You Think You Can Dance US/Canada dancer/choreographer/judge has to say, and what he has to say usually includes a whole of God-talk, surprisingly.

Besides shout outs to Janet Jackson (he turned down dancing on her tour because of SYTYCDC … really!?!), Paula Abdul and SYTYCD folk like Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Lacey Schwimmer, Blake also tweets night-time prayers  and blessings.

Sample religious tweet:

The Lord knows ur struggles! Confess to him and live guilt free. Best feeling in the world. He loves you more than u know!

He also tweets about a supposed music career that I don’t care to check out. Don’t worry, it’s not all God talk and business-speak. We also can check out gems like this:

Mr sun mr golden sun please shine down on meeeeeeeee